G.N.A. Podcast release Mega-Post.

GNA Live


Sorry it’s been a while since I made a show post, but to save some time and get caught up as efficiently as possible, I’m making this mega post, no show notes, no twitter notes, no drinks, no links. When season 2 starts we’ll be back to our normal posting patterns, and by that I mean sporadic and lazy.

GNA E 42: Full Circle? Empty Drink

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GNA E 43: Anniversary, Sort of!

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GNA E 44: Totes, Del, and a Chicken walk into a bar…

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GNA E 45: RPGcast 4: Handle the Rod.

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GNA E 46: It’s never the same! (ft/ Too Real Games)

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GNA E 47: Sparrowing into PVP.

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GNA E 48: Rise of Arc.

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GNA E 49: Little People, Big Farts.

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LSL 26 – The Unusual Fill-Ins

Unusual Fill-InsNeo is out of town, so Toons has his pick of any co-hosts for the week. Any he could possibly think of. In lieu of this fact he decides to use The Unusual Fill-Ins consisting of a moogle and a ginger. Alright, one may not actually be a moogle. Mog and Remy pitch in on this weeks show talking some of Mog’s time spent with Blizzard titles of yore. There’s a lot of discussion on the future of Overwatch as a franchise and possibly even a blockbuster movie. The sky is seemingly the limit for Blizzard Entertainment and we love the hell out of them. We apologize for the unusual format with our unusual fill-ins but hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to send us in your mails regarding the world of Blizzard, we’ll make sure to answer them on the show. See you next time.

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Hosts: Cade a.k.a. Toons and Matte a.k.a. Neo
Show Twitter: @LootShootLane
E-Mail: lootshootlane@ninjapancake.com
Music By: Al_n


Episode 33 – The Ginger Trifecta

Ginger Trifecta It’s a ginger trifecta! Tinkkz, Toons and Rem talk about the finer points of vaping while playing The Division. Alright, we’re not really talking about vaping. We are talking The Division though. With Patch 1.4 coming out and no real finality in the build, we’re taking time out to explain what has been going on. These topics include things we have enjoyed seeing, some questionable changes as far as diffculty and overall general excitement. We got all the phat cloud related news you could vape for along with braving through the darkest zone of all: Chat of the Game! Ever wonder what Faye-Faye Lau’s online handle would be? Us too! GL HF! Link for PTS Week 3 Patch Notes. You can find us on twitter at @BombshellJacket Send agent stories and questions about Remy’s beard here: bombshell@ninjapancake.com

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