The Full History of Warlock School


It has long been passed down for generations but if you hold a taco to your ear you can hear faintly hear the confirmation click of a one star review for Warlock School. Now there have been many public and private debates on what Warlock School is. Well the person writing this write up doesn’t really know either. I am only kidding… Of course I know what Warlock School is and you should too. The below list should help you realize exactly what a warlock is and what will happen as you evolve further into one after a couple of battles:

  1. Warlock School is a podcast.
  2. Warlock School sometimes talks about destiny but mostly what is on their mind. Or is it a destiny podcast that focuses on lore? Wait a second it’s a Destiny podcast that doesn’t like Destiny and only complains. No that isn’t right either, it’s a cooking show – No, no, wait a second who the fuck cares just listen.
  3. Warlock School has a burger named after them. The burger has three main ingredients: beef, cheese and a pretzel bun. The rest of the ingredients are a secret. Ancestors have prophesied if you take the 256th word in every podcast and then take the 2nd letter and rearrange in some way, you will get the letters that make up the rest of the secret ingredients. The burger is quite tasty and high in protein.
  4. Warlock School kisses on the first date but fucks on the second date.
  5. Warlock School opens doors for the ladies and the gents…but not cats. Never cats. Cats and Warlock have had bad blood for some time now. Now kittens are a different story because they are cute.
  6. Warlock School actually went past the event horizon of a black hole and found out black holes are more boring than a library.
  7. Warlock School is stopping at 7 but there are actually seven thousand five hundred and thirty six items on this list.

The List Shall continue to be built. Return to Warlock School